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I‘m Joanie Collins. I've been a musician, a teacher, Pilates instructor and dancer. 

However, I am most well known as a violinist, both in classical music settings and as an electric violinist playing in many other genres. 

I also play other instruments and sing lead and harmonies. The instruments I’ve played onstage are the violin, viola, ukulele, keyboards, percussion and bass. I love all types of music, and especially like to create a little unexpected magic by putting unusual combinations of instruments together, or finding a voice for an instrument in a setting where you wouldn't have imagined it before, to give it that extra spice. I can mix things up, giving you a customized and eclectic assortment of traditional classics, jazz, pop, Hawaiian, Celtic, reggae, country and blues. 

Strolling or providing background music on the beach acoustically is a favorite - with both the violin and ukulele and vocals. I can even start the event like this and progress to an amplified duo for cocktails, and then take it all the way to a whole band, playing an electric violin or keyboard with a 4 to 7 piece band! With your choice of Jazz, Salsa, Fusion, Rock n Roll, or Celtic.

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